Re: kenwood th-d72 and aprsis

Fred Hillhouse

In the APRSIS32 port settings for you Kenwood, check the GPS/NMEA:


This tells APRSIS32 that GPS data can be found in the same stream as APRS data:



In the D72 GPS settings, turn on the PC Output and the PC Port:


This will pass NMEA (GPS) to APRSIS32:


This till pass APRS data to APRSIS32:





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Well, I was hoping I could cheat it this way -- that perhaps the software might take turns polling data from the com port.  It did seem to be the case, but I didn't get a chance to experiment heavily -- so I may have missed some irregularities.

It would possible to programmatically make this well-behaved, but you'd run the risk of periodically missing packet data as it was reading the GPS unless something could be done at a lower level.

I'm no data cable expert by a longshot, and haven't done any programming of devices since the RS-232 days.  But it seem at least theoretical that the GPS + packet data can be streamed simulteanously (parallel?) via USB if the connection is usb-to-usb (and not usb to prolific-type converter back to serial)?  I guess the original NMEA standard was also serial-based, so I suppose that may be another handicap.

73, KD0KZE / Paul

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