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Martin Plenk

Hello Fred,

I know that map caching is possible with APRSISCE. But I'm speaking about a 22.000 km trip with unclear routes. Caching all the possible areas in several resolutions would take days if not weeks.

Best regards

Martin, DB1PLM

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Caching of the maps is possible.


TOOLBARèConfigureèMap then, uncheck “Purger Enabled”. Now any map tile you fetch will be kept. It will also not be updated if the tile changes but that isn’t really a problem unless there is a lot of new mapping in the area of interest.


You might want to drop deeper into the same toolbar options and change your specific map choice to not purge. I have several tile sets that I use. Some will never change and so I never purge. The OSM tiles are updated on occasion so those are set to purge.


Best regards,

Fred N7FMH


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Hello Lynn , hello all,

I passed my Ham exam a few weeks ago and still new to APRS. I managed to get my Kenwood D710 connected to APRSISCE :-).
I will go to mongolia this summer and won't have internet connection most time of the trip. Is there a possibility to use APRSISCE with offline Maps? Due to the long trip and probably changing routes, caching the maps seems not to be an option.

Vy 73

Martin, DB1PLM

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