Re: digipeater behaviour upon connected mode frames

Lynn Deffenbaugh

As far as I know, APRSISCE/32 only handles UI frames.  All other frames will fail one of my consistency checks on the Protocol field in the AX.25 header.  This, of course, only applies to KISS-interfaced TNCs.

You should be able to see all APRSISCE/32 Digipeater activity in the Digi trace log if you enable it.  The non-UI traffic should show up with something in the Port() and never appear in the Digi log.

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On 3/12/2015 3:11 AM, helge@... [aprsisce] wrote:
Hi Lynn, hi folks,

in the Robust Packet (APRS) Network Europe we are presently working on a coordinated digipeating.

Maximum 6 digipeaters act as such while all others serve as bi-directional igate "only".

Problem: packets from connected mode QSO get digipeated as well costing a hell lot of traffic.

UI-View digipeaters now activated the ' UI only ' box which should help.

Question: After our recommended DigiXform is ...>WIDE1-1=OH6DL-10*<... for a traceable 1 hop operation

the question raised *** How does APRSIS32 react when a connected mode frame comes across? ***

Or the other way around *** Does APRSIS32 handle UI frames only ? ***

Thanks for helping on that issue!

73, Helge, DF8LS

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