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Carl Davis

No, it has worked much better than I expected actually.  I do use an old VTECH cable from the kid's toys that has a choke built in to the USB cable, it is only about 12" long overall.  I have used the set up for both this program and for RMS Express on UHF @1200b.  It is a great set up to take to the field with as it is pocket sized.  The screen is a bit small but with the HDMI output and BT for the mouse and keyboard I have it is a winner by far.  I have a Venue8 and it only has the one micro USB which is a pain in the ...  The WinBook with the ports makes it a much better unit.  Try swapping out the cable you are using and it might get rid of the gremlins when the D72 transmits.

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Hi Carl,
Do you have any problem with the WinBook doing something funky when the radio transmits? It appears I am but maybe it is because everything is close at the moment.
Fred N7FMH

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I picked up one for a WiRES-X project but bailed on that and have it working for APRSIS32 and the D72 and it works great.  It makes a great portable-pocket sized APRS unit with the D72.  All you need is the USB to Mini USB cable and it is up and running with maps and packet paths.

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Just in case you are interested in a Windows tablet …
After reading about the WinBook TW700 I decided to buy a couple.
The lower cable plugged into the WinBook is the power (USB micro), next up is a Staples USB hub. Connected to the hub is an USB flash drive with APRSIS32 and the D72.
I haven’t been in range of any other stations so I can’t say I have the correct configuration in APRSIS32 but I was able to read the radio configuration using Kenwood’s software. I will be running everything in my vehicle for the commute home later today.
I have connected the TW700 to the internet through my phone (running a hotspot) so I can have an internet connection if needed.
Best regards,
Fred N7FMH

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