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So to answer the question of weather or not a KAM TNC can support a Real Time Clock Chip, the answer is yes. In fact all KAMs with the Enhancement Board already have the RTC Chip!

The chip is marked:


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I can't answer directly, but an idea of where to look:
If it is not on the manual, I'd suggest taking off the cover and checking the circuit board.  I know the KPC-3 had a location on the board labeled fro the RTC.
Robert Giuliano


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Sorry Lynn, I didn't mean to trim my messages down at all. I simply clicked the reply button and responded.

Do the Real Time Clock (RTC) chips work with the KAM All-Mode w/Enhancement board? I would love to add them to both of mine just want to verify before I purchase one. I have read over the manuals and don't see any mention of them although it's entirely possible that the manual predates the chip even though it's still supported, like the GPS commands are.


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