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Fred Hillhouse

The only way is to use a different instance for each piece.


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            I'm currently running the latest DEV version of APRSIS32 and have 3 TNCs hooked up.
1. KAM-E connected to a Motorola Spectra on 144.39.
2. SignaLink USB connected to a Kenwood TS-570D on 10.147.60 USB (soon to be connected via KAM-E).

3. Kenwood TH-D72A on 145.825 for Satellite Work.


I'm having difficulties keeping the 3 different "modes" from beaconing things I don't want them to. For example I only want repeater objects to go out on 144.39 and even though I have "Bulletin/Obj" unchecked on the D72 and HF they still beacon them. How can I tell the software to only send certain things out over certain devices?


Thank you in advance



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