APRSIS32 Robust Packet 600 baud

Bill Erhardt

Howdy gang, KM7DES-6 robust packet 600 baud APRS on 10147.300 mhz was activated today at Ft. Harrison, Mt. using ARPSIS32. I got the proper KISS setting from the robustpacket.net web page in the manual section for the SCS PTCIIex (x = extra which is robust packet).

Right now it is standalone to get a feel for tx/rx coverage. So far so good.

I also have the UZ7HO software modem K7MT-11 with my USB signalink on 300 baud HF APRS with APRSIS32 on 10147.600 at my QTH. The UZ7HO software rocks and I say this because I copied data from the Montana State University's Firebird 3/4 satellite on 70 cm with a $15.00 SDR NOOELEC USB receiver using SDR Sharp and UZ7HO G3RUH  at 19,200 baud. Not bad for a free software modem. Yep it rocks.

Bill K7MT Helena, Mt.

Custodian for KM7DES Ft. Harrison, Mt.

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