TNC-KPC-3+ Commands Question



I'm trying to figure out what the command are on the page title mentioned above. I have tried entering them manually and not all of them work, I also couldn't find them in the manuals. That being said when I let APRSIS32 run them everything appears to be working just fine, meaning it will transmit and receive packets. I'm using two Kantronics KAM one running firmware E8.2 and the other running E6.2. The E8.2 is for 1200 baud VHF and the E6.2 is for 300 baud HF, are these settings correct for both?

<OpenCmd>^M~</OpenCmd> - ???
<OpenCmd>^M~</OpenCmd> - ???
<OpenCmd>XFLOW ON!!0</OpenCmd> - Software flow control on
<OpenCmd>FULLDUP OFF!!0</OpenCmd> - data carrier detect
<OpenCmd>INT KISS!!0</OpenCmd> - Interface mode KISS
<OpenCmd>RESET!!0</OpenCmd> - soft reset of the TNC
<CloseCmd>^192^255^192~!!0</CloseCmd> - ???
<CloseCmd>^C^C^C~!!0</CloseCmd> - ???

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