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Greg Depew

Don't use the website. It is delayed and heavily filtered. Now that you have 2 radios turn them both on to the aprs freq and listen. When one hears a packet the other will as well then follow the directions from Lynn about terminal emulator and TEXT mode.

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Well I think the flying blind part is accurate because when I was trying with the wouxun I would see values change on the monitor command but had no idea if it was a packet or what it was. The thing I did in that instance was, I had 2 laptops, so I turned one to the aprs website and the other was watching the emulator and monitor.....and when the aprs updated I'd stop the emulator and go back and review the numbers that came in to see if they were around the 80 I was being told. Since I have 2 radios as of today I could probably do what you mentioned, but I am not sure if I have an audio splitter cable. Also, I just had to go pick up my little one and on the way I thought about it. When adjusting rxamp, if you put it at 10, for example, the max values when the volume it 1/4 of the way is about 79 on the monitor command, when you put rxamp at 15 the monitor is at 127. So I would make sense the rxamp needs to be between 10 and 15 since those are the min and max values you get on monitor when the volume is at a "max."  Perhaps if I can't get that splitter cable, I can get out the 2 computers, watch the aprs website and check the packets to see where they are at. If its between 80-90 consistently and I try to see if I'm "offline" if you will on aprsisce and I'm not.........well then who knows. I know if I'm getting good packets on the emulator it should work, but it just seems I've tuned it to between 80-90 before and nothing, but who knows. Just got the kenwood today, so perhaps if I take another hour or two, I might get it to work. Time will tell........

Oh and I've tried to email TT4 experts in the area, over a month ago, to no reply. Can't seem to find any "nice" people that will come over and help me out.........wish I could find someone, its what I'd prefer.......

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