Re: TNC in limbo after using APRSISCE

Jerry N7YGE

I use Airmail to initialize my KPC 3 but Airmail supports PK 232 and PK 900 TNC’s.  Not sure if PK 12 is equal to PK 232.  Beyond that, I have not found a program to get it out of KISS mode without a hard reset just as you explained.  I have tried Putty, UI-View, and APRISCE with no luck.


Hope someone responds with an easier fix as it is not a good feeling to be out in the field and have to remove screws to get to the hard reset; was going to install a switch for this but never have.


Jerry N7YGE


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Does anyone have a solution for taking the TNC out of limbo after using APRSISCE.  I have two configuration of the program.  One for terrestrial and one for ISS APRS use.  My problem is when I want to use the TNC with WinPack it will not accept any of the normal commands.  Ctrl-C should put the TNC back in command mode and it does not.  Is anyone else experiencing this issue.  The only way I have found to get the TNC back in useable mode is to do a reset pulling the jumper.  I am using a AEA PK-12.  Every time I exit APRSISCE the standby light comes on.  Thanks.  Scott, KA7FVV.


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