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m6xsd wrote:
Yep, point taken on 'Lost Fix' but I still think being able to select pre-programmed static points when 'en-route' would be good, I can think of quite a few situations where I would like to 'annouce'(for want of a better word) that I'm not exactly where my GPS thinks I am (or was).
See Bob's APRS 1.1 extension called "Destination Waypoints" described at:

This is part of the APRS 1.1 Spec Addendum you can see at:

I'm considering supporting the ability to beacon a "destination
waypoint" as well as interpret them and draw the lines that are
described. I don't know how many other APRS clients do this, but it's
part of the published spec, so I might as well support it! Who knows, I
might even make it part of the Poll's () "slow beacon" mode!

Oh, and another preview of things to come is that I'm designing a
"coordinate picker" dialog that will embed the OpenStreetMap with pan
and zoom to allow you to home in on and set a coordinate. It'll still
support a variety of manually-entered coordinates, but you'll be able to
see where you entered or enter what you see. - Thoughts?

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

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