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g4ilo wrote:
Personally I think the last known position would be the best one to use when going into a building. Incidentally the last time this happened to me I forgot to turn the thing off when I went into a building and left my jacket and when I came back I had a hot phone with a depleted battery, so an auto-disable GPS if unable to get a fix after x min option might be a useful battery conservation tool.
That's maybe a reasonable suggestion. How long to make the delay before auto-disable is the hard part. I know with my AT&T Tilt the GPS will sometimes go out to la-la land for a few minutes when the visible satellite count drops to small numbers. I'll add this somewhere down on the ToDo list.

The ability to easily select a different icon would be a nice touch though I don't know if many would bother with it. I'm using the icon of a jogger because that seemed the most appropriate for a pedestrian mobile, but I also have it with me in the car and people may get the idea I'm a pretty fast runner. It would be nice to switch to an icon of a car without opening the config dialog and scrolling through that long list. There could do with being an icon of a guy in a chair with his feet up for when the thing is docked in its cradle on the desktop. :)
I've considered doing some sort of a named Profile set of settings that would include beaconing, Icon, status, and such. I don't know that I'll get as fancy as doing automatic profile switching ala the Tracker2 family, but at least having a Configure/Profile cascading menu selection might be nice. Hiking, Biking, Mobile, QTH/Stationary kind of settings where the user configures the names AND the parameters.

I'm not sure how successful my earlier suggestion of an economy mode that only gets a fix now and then would be, because as Lynn pointed out the GPS will struggle to get a fix if you are moving. I have been trying to remember to disable the GPS (or switch the phone off with the button on the top which keeps the APRS-IS connection going so you can still receive messages) but I have been switching it on and then setting off without waiting to get a fix and as a result I have travelled long distances before my next position was reported.
Yep, that's the GPS behavior. Those really quick fix times the manufacturers like to advertise are for fix acquisition without moving or at most walking. If you turn on the GPS, drop it on the dash, and dash on down the road, it'll be a while till it figures out where you really are. I've taken to backing out my driveway and turning the GPS on while I record my mileage (yes, most of what I drive, I get reimbursed for). But then, I live on a cul-de-sac, so I don't have to worry much about traffic while sitting in the middle of the street!

Economy mode still intrigues me because my GPS will pick up a fix pretty quick at walking speeds. It's trying to use economy mode while driving that would get rather iffy. Maybe an economy mode that disables itself if the prevailing speed is greater than some reasonable threshhold...

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