KISS Mode Getting out of !!

Bill Erhardt

Howdy gang,

If anyone would like a simple way to get out of kiss mode or out of host
mode for most tnc go to, click on Client Software, click on
RMS Express on the right, then page down one page or so and download RMS
Express and install. With in the RMS Folder is a program called Simple
Terminal and in Simple terminal there is a clear tab and it will list clear
host mode for about three tnc's and kiss mode for all tnc's.

Pretty simple once you install RMS Express and then Simple Terminal within
the RMS Folder. You can copy the Simple Terminal Program and place where
you want and remove the RMS Express Program. I have used it for some time
and boy it sure takes out a lot frustration when the AEA PK-232DSP at our
DES shows ORT when I start it up and it is AEA Host Mode. Click Clear in the
Simple Terminal program and select clear HOST mode AEA. Woo Hoo !!! Or KISS
Mode Clear.

I use the RMS Express Program for Pactor III , Winmor, and Packet for
Winlink e-mail.

The Simple Terminal Program is also just a simple terminal program for any
tnc... I will be darned if I will pay for Hyperterminal Windows 7. I know
there is Putty and Teraterm but I like Simple Terminal for Ham Radio stuff.


Cheers Bill K7MT

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