Re: HF Path 10147.600

Bill Erhardt

Thanks everyone, 

I took out the path as I am just an HF Igate with no gating using a USB Signalink for HF packet. When I first approached this HF idea, it was suggested I run separate copies of APRSIS32 one for VHF and one for HF and that works just fine. I have  Kantronics Kam Plus that has the gate possibility HF > VHF but will leave it as is for now as it is working.

I am also running UISS on 145.825 and Igating ISS and NO-44 aprs traffic. I like UISS and there is a setting to beacon only when it hears the ISS or NO-44 and then stops beaconing after the last heard.  This way it does not transmit when the satellites are not in view. 

This is important as my IGATES, Weather Station, Computer, internet wireless connection, and all the equipment is on solar. In winter I approach that fine line of output vs input on the power scheme so think sunshine !!!!

I really enjoy APRS since KI0BJ Rex and I were the only two stations in Montana about 2000 !!!! I have watched it grow over years and enjoy seeing new stations show up in Montana even after all these years.  APRS Rocks and I and truly having fun learning.

A big thanks to N5DTX-8 who stops in the say howdy most mornings on HF APRS Packet.  

Thanks everyone
Bill K7MT

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