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Lynn Deffenbaugh

You will likely get as many answers as you get responders with any question about paths. Here's my understanding:

1) Most APRS on HF requires no path whatsoever. Shorter packets rule and digipeaters are particularly unhelpful on HF, especially without the FM capture effect that assists decoding simultaneous digipeats on VHF.

2) If you DO want to use a digipeater, then the standard has been ECHO to the best of my knowledge.

3) The GATE path component is asking receivers to gate the received packet onto the local VHF APRS frequency if they are capable of that.

4) Anything after the GATE is the path requested for said VHF cross-band-repeated packet.

So ECHO,GATE,WIDE2-1 is asking any ECHO-based digipeaters to repeat the packet and any receiving station to gate the packet to their local VHF APRS frequency with a path of WIDE2-1.

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On 11/20/2014 7:00 PM, 'Bill Erhardt' [aprsisce] wrote:
Howdy gang,

I am testing an HF Igate here in Montana and see several different paths. I
copied one echo,gate,wide2-1 and that is the one I have had on the air for
a couple three days.

I looked and look and cannot find a good source for correct HF path on APRS.
Help !!!! I hope I don't get four different answers !! Hee Hee !!

Thanks in advance.

Bill K7MT

Posted by: "Bill Erhardt" <>


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