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Greg Depew

The best way to do that would be to get a win link account and use aprslink. 

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James - am glad you responded to at least narrow the question down.  maybe others can chime in.  I think as a new user I am looking at this wrong. It looks like the system only allows registered and verified ham operators, to email other registered and verified ham operators, via the system. 

1) So you could send an APRS message to me, because we are both registered and verified.  Confirmed.

2)  And I get send an outgoing message to any email address. Confirmed.

3)  but.... there is no way for any random (say my cousin) to send an email to and eventually to me over RF.  Correct?

only a registered-verified user (who is a ham operator because they are verified) can send an email to me?  from an email source system? they use their personal code to do that.

and I can not send an email to myself, to verify that works.  The system rejects self emails.


overall goal is to have a way via APRS message to let a relative know I am doing fine, and no worries.  And for them to acknowledge back.  all over RF digital message. all without that relative being a ham radio operator.

APRS message seems to be the most prevalent communication pathway



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