APRSISCE on HF Question

Bill Erhardt

Howdy gang,

My aprsisce station has been running for some time here in Montana on VHF. Siting next to my APRS station is my Icom 706MKIIG that I use for voice on the Montana Traffic Net, DRN7 Traffic Net, and EMCOMM for Winlink using a SCS Pactor III licensed modem.

Can I hook up the HF side to 30 meters and run the 300 baud with APRSISCE at the same time as the VHF.  In other words one program with two stations VHF and HF.  

I ask as the Icom is used so little and everything is in place so I am hoping it is just a matter of setting up a new com port and make a HF station with one APRSISCE program.

Anyone out there doing this or can tell me yes or no ??

Thanks gang and will be doing a demonstration on Winlink at the Kalispell, Mt club in October and APRS Link will be featured along with packet and HF.

Thanks and look forward to the responses.

Thanks Bill K7MT Helena, Mt. APRS IGATE K7MT


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