Re: North America M0XER-4

Greg Depew

Too bad we can't get them to switch to the ISS frequency and use the digi off of it!

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> Seems the balloon enjoyed itself so much it is going round again.
> Congratulations are in order to Leo M0XER
> AFAIK this has never been done before.
> Be interesting to see if it makes it twice

We're a tough crowd to please...

First circumnavigation of the globe by an amateur radio carrying
balloon, and as it passes the milestone...

"So, can you get another lap out of it?"

What about poor old M0XER-3? It's still out there! Sure it got waylaid
in Nunavut for a while, and let M0XER-4 slip on by... It needs some
encouragement too!

If the winds are playing nice, and the fates allow, it should be
coming into range fairly soon.


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