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You would need to ask Leo. I do know he constructs his own balloons and they are not latex.

He also has a very sophisticated tracker, it transmits Contestia mode on 434.500MHz over the UK then switches to APRS, outside UK airspace.

Leo used my VHF APRS world map, so over Europe it transmits on 144.800MHz, 144.660MHz over Japan and now of course on 144.390MHz

It’s his 63 Balloon launch although he is up to 66 now.


It’s not manned and is a pico balloon, that’s is to say small.

The way it’s going it stands a chance of circum navigating, that’s what I am hoping for at least. It’s done a fair amount of it already.





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I started a new instance with an expanded map for a different reason and saw the balloon off the coast of Oregon/Washington.


At 41153 ft, I assume this is unmanned.  Do you know how they keep it form going too high and bursting?


Robert Giuliano




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Those of you on the West coast of the USA/Canada might like to keep an ear open for M0XER-3. The Balloon left the UK days ago and has flown east, over Europe, Russia etc, It’s currently off the coast of Washington State .

Got to be in line for a High Altitude Balloon Record





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