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Lynn Deffenbaugh


Packets with q-constructs have passed through the APRS-IS.

However, if you're only viewing stations received on RF, don't panic.  This view option shows stations that were received at least once recently via RF.  However, the popup information is derived from the most recent packet received which may have been via the APRS-IS.

And also do not worry about receiving packets from the APRS-IS even though you might not have a filter, or the packet doesn't seem to match your filter.  The APRS-IS "filtered" port (typically 14580) is actually an "IGate" port.  It will assume that the connection is from an IGate and any station whose packet that you've gated into the APRS-IS will be added to the server's "recently heard" list.  For some period of time (30 minutes to 2 hours or so), all packets from that station will be delivered to any IGate port that has "seen" the station.  Also, any messages addressed to such stations will also be delivered.  This is done so that the IGate can deliver its required functionality.

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Not sure if that is the correct label. Here's my question: I have selected under - View- RF- All; wanting to display just stations that are being received at my QTH via RF. When I right click on  stations on the map, the bottom entry in the pop up box is RF and if I select that I see the RF path of that station to my location. However on some when I right click, instead of RF, I see entries that begin with qAC, qAS or qAR. I am sure the answer is obvious but what do these codes or abbreviations mean ??

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