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APRSIS32 igates by default, but you need to manually add entries to the config to setup digipeating.

As Bob has pointed out and posted a link to the wiki.

I digipeat everything up to wide3-3 and ignore everything higher than that. (they still get igated but not digipeated)












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It appears you have not set aprsis32 up for digipeating (no DigiXform entries).

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HI Guys n' Gals,


Odd how my iNode is kinda working...


Let me Preface this with my set up.


Using a KPC-3 with latest firmware an a Alenco 110.  Runing the KPC-3 as a Digipeater when the Computer isn't on (lightning storms)..and have a good Inet hookup to the computer.


Call is N7CTF-2 and FTPECK.. and also have info for the voice repeater here of 146.84FP.  I'm located in NE Montana on Fort Peck Lake.


I noticed that a Digi/WX station down the lake (W7PG-7) is using my station when the computer is off as a Digipeater...  It digis via me to a station In Wolf Point, Mt, a town 50 miles East of me. (KB7FSC-1 Inode) 


Now, when I get APRSIS32 going the W7PG-7 goes away where it should hit the net with my software running...  I must have something set up wrong I'm guessing.  I'm posting my Set up and maybe someone can spot the problem.  


Here's the link for my config.xml file renamed of course.


Thanks for helping,





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