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Lynn Deffenbaugh

Slutpuppy wrote:
I like the app, however it eats the battery, which is to be expected, running GPS/DATA all at once. Power usage is a bit higher than I would like.
Fire up any app that streams data from the Internet along with keeping the GPS on and you'll see the same thing. If you click on Start / Today, it will cover up the app decreasing the CPU consumption of the actual map drawing, but in my experience, the GPS is the real power hog with a close second being the live data stream from APRS-IS. I've found that if you limit the Range to something reasonable (I run 70 miles or 700 in the spin box) can help control my consumption. The faster the stations are scrolling by, the more traffic is on the data connection and the more power the cellular radio will be drawing.
Something that I would like to see is an option to have it run in the background...waking up and simply reporting a position every 10 mins (user selectable) or so, before going
See the Poll at: and place your vote.

back to "sleep". There are plenty of times I wish to be on the map, but have no need to view whats going on around me..therefore no map or full interface. Another addition to
I really don't want to build a software-based "deaf" tracker. APRS isn't always about "being on the map", but about situational awareness and the ability to be contacted.

that would be it launch the full application should your SSID be sent a message/bulletin, as that would be something you'd want to view the map/lists for.
The only way the client can know that a message or bulletin came in is to be connected to and receiving data from the APRS-IS. That means that even though I might be able to shut the GPS down for some extended period, the data connection would remain active. And the severe outcome I can see from this approach would be that when the "full application" comes up, the stations on the map will be obsolete. I'd probably actually remove them all and wait for new updates to come in resulting in a 10-30 minute delay before the entire local picture is back to current completeness.

Overall I like it. I just cant ever remember to fire it up in the mornings, nor remember to exit before the battery gets run down.
I keep a car charger always available in my mobile and have made it a habit to just plug in the mini-USB, toggle the GPS ON and toss the phone onto the dashboard (I managed to break my second window mount). That keeps me tracking, keeps messages receiving, and is still available for incoming calls (which I handle by glancing at caller ID and ignoring).

Unfortunately, the phone batteries were designed to just keep the phone listening for incoming calls. The batteries just don't have the capacity to really USE all of the features the phones have on a full-time basis without additional power being supplied. It's going to get even worse when I add the BlueTooth activity to the mix when/if you configure a KISS TNC for APRS over RF use by the client.

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