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Just received my rotator control unit an ERC-M unit only got the USB option I do wonder if the Lan option might be handy as well.

What I would like when Lynn gets the time is the ability to follow a station and have the rotator system track that station.

For me this is mainly for use with Lynn’s habitat to APRS system for tracking balloons. But also ships in the channel. But it’s obviously useful for tracking anything moving.

So whats needed is a rotator port type the usual TCP/IP, USB, Com.

The software already does bearing so elevation added. Following a station with rotator enabled auto tracks that station.

My control box uses Yaesu GS232A and B protocols which seem standard across various rotators and software

Yaesu GS232 A and B

The only difference in A and B is the format how a position is returned from the ERC

Note 1): This command was added by the Dual-AZ protocol by VE2DX and used to drive 2 AZ-rotators with a 2-axis interface

Command to ERC                Description                                            Returned from ERC

A                                      Stop rotation azimuth                           

B (in GS232A-mode)      Request position elevation                  +0eee

B (in GS232B-mode)      Request position elevation                  EL=eee

C (in GS232A-mode)     Request position azimuth                     +0aaa<cr>

C (in GS232B-mode)     Request position azimuth                     AZ=aaa

C2 (in GS232A-mode)   Request position azimuth + elevation +0aaa+0eee

C2 (in GS232B-mode)   Request position azimuth + elevation AZ=aaaEL=eee

D                                      Rotate DOWN or CCW 2nd axis           

E                                      Stop rotation elevation                        

L                                       Rotate CCW 1st axis                             

Maaa                                Rotate azimuth to aaa                           

MBeee                             1) Rotate elevation to eee                    

R                                      Rotate CW 1st axis                                

S                                      Stops rotation both axis                      

U                                      Rotate UP or CW 2nd axis                     

Waaa eee                        Rotate azimuth to aaa and Rotate elevation to eee


I think A,B,C,E,M and MB, I don’t see a need for D,L,R,S,U





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