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The checking if someone is running development version always catches me out.

As I and James said use the buddy filter, James took the time to look the callsign up.

Really check how often your neighbour is outputting data,





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> Is it possible to take objects that are IS only and selectively TX them out over RF?

No, but then yes... define selectively.

> My neighbor has a IS only WX Station and I would like to just take the data
> from IS and "retransmit" it out over RF.

Get your neighbor to put a station on RF! He's a ham radio operator!
Heck, why not drill a hole in the wall of the duplex and run a wire
from his WX station to your APRS RF station?

Are you running the development version?


As Steve says, watch out... you can screw up the local RF environment
in a hurry with bad filters!

Look in the archives for many more messages describing this feature
and all of the caveats to be aware of when enabled.

Stick your arm out the window and wave at Jason KE4NYV, looks like
he's driving by on his way out for supper!


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