Re: IS to RF Objects

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Yes but you need to be careful, and for that reason it’s not documented.

You need to think carefully about the filter to stop sending vast amounts of data over the air. APRSIS currently has no throttles to stop stupid amounts of data going out.

First of set a range filter as a safe guard such as m/10 and if you are only interested in the station WX, buddy list b/callsign-ssid.

Check how often you neighbour is sending data, if it’s less than once every 10 minutes, then think about it.


Hit CTRL G and enter the filter string. Then hit CTRL I you will then transmit what matches the filter string to RF

If you restart the software you will need to do CTRL G and CTRL I again, it’s not remembered across restarts.


But please really check the amount of data you will send over RF before you do it.





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Is it possible to take objects that are IS only and selectively TX them out over RF?


My neighbor has a IS only WX Station and I would like to just take the data from IS and "retransmit" it out over RF.



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