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However, even in that case, you should NOT need to reboot your phone.
Simply go to Start / Settings / System / Memory / Running Programs.
Click on your callsign (or APRSISCE or whatever looks like the client in
that list) and click Stop. There will be a delay and then Windows
Mobile will tell you the program isn't responding at which point you can
kill it. After doing so, I use Internet Explorer to verify a good data
connection and then restart APRSISCE.
It doesn't seem to happen like that for me. What happens is that the main window has gone. In the task list there is a window named WM_CLOSE. When I click on it I get a message box that says "There are unacknowledged messages. Really close?" I click No, to see what the messages are. But nothing appears. The message box is gone, the main window is still gone, there is nothing in the Running Programs list although the free memory shows something is still running. And even after waiting more than 90 seconds APRSISCE still won't start unless I reboot.

Julian, G4ILO

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