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I think just to be awkward we in the UK tend to use Miles for distance yet most maps show height in Metres.


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I have a metric option on my ToDo list already. One of the interesting
features of APRS, however, is the ambiguity in the transmission of
Altitude (at least, I think it's that one). It may be in meters or feed
with nothing to tell you which it might be. However, the majority of
the stations seem to be consistent with it, which is, I guess, better
than nothting.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

g4ilo wrote:
Although here in the UK we still use miles to measure distances as we can't afford to convert all the road signs to kilometres, most people here now use the metric system and of course nobody understands anything other than metres and kilometres in Europe.

I didn't see an option to set the units to metric. Is there one?

Julian, G4ILO


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