Re: APRSISCE on battery power

David Shrum

The "auto adjust backlight" does just that, if you are in a brightly lighted
room it turns the brightness up, so the other side of that, if you're in a
darker area it turns down the screens brightness.

Dave N8PU

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Hi Lynn.

Thanks for the info. I will have a closer look at the screen backlight. I
definitely couldn't see it getting dimmer. There is also an "auto adjust
backlight" setting but I don't know what that does.

The idea of saving power by turning it on and off with the top button is a
good one, especially if/while there is no power saving mode in the software
itself. What would be handy in that case would be an audible sound when a
position report is sent, so you can tell without seeing the screen when it's
OK to turn it off again.

When I said the app had closed it really had closed - I used the task
switcher to try to activate it and it had just vanished. I don't know if
anything might have pressed the X button. The slip-in cases are a pretty
tight fit.

By the way Lynn why is it that I don't see the battery status indicator on
the APRSISCE title bar (which incidentally says APRSIS for Win32 for some
strange reason)? I have to switch to the Home screen for a quick check on
the battery status.

Julian, G4ILO

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