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If you wonder about the name the maps were originally produce for defence of the country hence Ordinance Survey


The Map System uses Grid Squares similar if I recall to the American System. Just with different datums.

I believe I sent Lynn info, pretty sure I have some lua code somewhere for converting to and from GPS co ordinates.

So Lynn could if he wished add grid  square overlays to the OSM maps without too much effort.


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On 2/7/2014 3:29 PM, Fred Hillhouse Jr wrote:

I know many of these are for the USA but there are options once you define your need.


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  Is an OS mapping option available? Do those of you using non-OS mapping for emergency applications find it adequate?

He kinda did, but you have to speak "British" to understand his statement.  As I understand it, OS = Ordnance Survey which is some sort of government-sponsored map that can be acquired in various levels of detail.  I'm not aware of any OS maps available in OSM tile format, however.

Eventually I still hope to support the old UI-View method of scanned maps with lat/lon defined for the corners, but haven't made that a priority yet.

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