Re: No Tx with APRSIS & FT7800

James Ewen

On Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 7:17 AM, <eckerpw@...> wrote:

Was searching around yesterday for a symbol to use for home station that
was just an iGate. Didn't find one in APRSIS ( is there one ??)
Yes, CONFIGURE | GENERAL, then click on the icon. Select Overlay,
Symbol 38, Overlay 50.

but read that such a station should have an SSID of -0.
There is no hard fast rule about what SSID you HAVE to use. There are
suggestions, but not rules. When APRS started out, the FIRST and only
way to assign an icon was with the SSID. That gave only 16 icons. Then
a new way of defining which icon was used was created by assigning a
special TOCALL. Then yet another way was created by embedding the icon
data in the packet data. So, if you are stuck sending RAW GPS strings,
with no way other way of defining the desired icon, you will need to
use a specific SSID to do so. You're not in that boat.

So I changed it (bad idea) -- as of this morning have changed back
to kc2nyu-1. From all indications here, station has been staying on
air without a shutdown.
Not really a bad idea... I just didn't go snooping for you on a
different SSID. If you want to use a different SSID, it is perfectly
fine. I just need to go looking for you again to keep snooping! :)


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