Re: Help with Win 7 instalation


At 06:00 PM 2014-01-25, Greg Depew wrote:

>Have you unzipped the file to somewhere other than under program
>files?  Win 7/8 doesn't like stuff installed under there. 

That last sentence is wrong.   Windows 7 and 8 quite like software being installed in Program Files. That is the proper location for software.  The problem is that much amateur radio software does not like being installed there because the authors insist on putting all the settings files in the same folder as the software or subfolders.  This is now DOS software behaved by default.   This is also directly against the Microsoft standards which have been present since Windows NT 4.0 if not earlier.  The various settings files and downloadable files such as the mapping tiles should be placed in the users Applications Data folder.   Now what happened in Windows 7 is that Microsoft has been tightening up  how things work.

Tony  (software programmer)

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