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Greg Depew

Have you unzipped the file to somewhere other than under program files? Win 7/8 doesn't like stuff installed under there. And if you try to run it from the zip file it will not work correctly.
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Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2014 00:56:14
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Subject: [aprsisce] Help with Win 7 instalation


I installed aprisce on my Dell NetBook with Win 7 but when I try to run it, the little screen where you put in your callsign, etc comes up. When I press the button to run all it does is flash and freeze the screen. I have to use ctrl-alt-delete to do anything else.
Any ideas?
Somebody told me to use ubungtu but with a little ADD and after having a stroke I don't do well programing & stuff reguiring a lot of short-term memory. Being a senior doesing help much either even tho i've done electronics all my adult life. Oh yeah, add in tremors which cause me to add extra letters.
So basically, i'm asking for a windows based solution. I was going to use my Vista laptop which it runs great on in the car until the backlight went out.
John N4SME

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