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Am thinking maybe on RF port setup. Beacon ticked but not messages? But I must admit have not tested what actually happens, in that scenario


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> Thanks for the reply James.......The video you sent me did help....I believe
> my main problem is the fact I need a passcode, which I did send a e-mail for.

As Greg said, the APRS-IS passcode is only to validate your packets
when sent to the APRS-IS servers. It has no bearing on RF
transmissions. It is assumed that you are legally allowed on the air
when you put a station on the air.

> The W8HHF station is our local repeater for the APRS, D-Star etc.

That really has no bearing on getting your station operational, other
than you might hear a digipeat coming back from the digipeater when
you send packets.

> My home station and callsign is KD8BIN.

Always a very important piece of information when asking for help. By
providing the EXACT CALLSIGN-SSID, it allows the rest of us to look
for any evidence of how your specific station may or may not be

> So, after i get the passcode, I will see if I have luck sending messages....

You might, but that would be because the message is going out to the
APRS-IS, and then gets gated back to RF and delivered to the desired

There's something else going on here... It looks like your station is
on the air, and is sending packets out via RF.

I just sent your station a query, and got a response back. I sent a
message and got an ACK back, but both via APRS-IS only.

In the middle of a chat with you on APRSISCE/32 currently, but the RF
ONLY section doesn't seem to be working.

Lynn, what can be disabled to make RF messaging stop working, yet
position reports still go out over RF?


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