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Are you running any Davis software?

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I use the freeware wx program Cumulus, with my Davis wx station…


It has built in links to Weatherunderground, and also creates a WXNOW file for you with the compensated data intact.


73 Jeff kb2m




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Name here is Jake, N3FU. QTH is Dothan, AL.  I’m new to the group and have recently put together my APRS WX station. 


Station set-up here is:


Windows XP

MFJ 1270C TNC-Packet Controller

Icom IC-28H

Davis Wx Station (Monitor II)


I followed the great instructions on the APRSISCE/32 site and got everything working great.  (Thank you for the detailed instructions)


I have a Davis Wx station, model is Monitor II with the Weather Link. 


I had to call Davis and get updated software.  I spoke with Chris and he sent me a link for the full install and it worked great. 


Here’s the link for anyone interested:


Visit this web link to download the FULL VERSION (not an update) of WeatherLink 6.0.3:


In addition to updating the Davis software, I had to add WxNow Add on module from Brad, VE3BSM.  That worked great.  (After I got the folders right)


My barometric pressure, from WxNow, only picks up the non-calibrated reading.  Brad mentions this on his webpage.  It also won’t read the rain gauge reading.  There was another software program from SoftWX  (VPLive Utility) that Brad talked about, on his webpage. But, It says it’s for a Davis Vantage Pro model.  I have a Weather Monitor II model.  Brad mentions, on the website, that he has some “work arounds” for the problem.  I was just wondering if there was anyone using older Davis weather stations?  Anyone know of any software or solutions??  I can try Brad’s “work arounds”. But, I’m not really a computer wizard, and, I’m looking for a little easier way to go.  (grin)



Jake, N3FU




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