APRS Article

Bill Erhardt

Howdy gang,

I just caught up after a bit of skiing !!! Ye Ha think snow...

One thing I would like to see in the article is the APRS LINK to the winlink
system brought up. I use it check my winlink messages as it alerts me that
I have a winlink message. I check to make sure it is under the 700 bytes and
then read it via aprs or go to telnet, vhf packet, or HF SCS Pactor III to
read the long messages.

I will be testing it to send a NTSD message today using the NTSD format in
the subject line so the winlink station I send it to will pick it up and put
I on the NTSD system and forward. I asked for a return response so I will
update after the test.

Just my two cents worth as most of our EMCOMM situations in Montana over the
last years have been localized. All of our APRS Digi's are on battery
backup. I shut down my IGATE here for our 8 hour exercise last year and the
Igate in Dillon and Missoula Montana linked me nicely into the internet so I
could send and receive winlink messages for health and welfare very nicely.

As you can tell I am an advocate of EMCOMM APRS Link.

Just my two sense worth from this end as I have enjoyed APRS for about 14
years when there was only two of us on the air in Montana. Its growth has
been just wonderful to watch..

Cheers Bill Erhardt K7MT Helena, Mt

Jan 1968 the Pueblo AGER-2 was captured by North Koreans. I worked with
several of the folks who were aboard the Pueblo in my 20 plus year Navy
career. Just a note to remember these folks. Bill CTRC Retired USN

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