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 Because Simply (KISS) was meant to allow the TNC to be "left alone" in the KISS mode, I'll try testing with the TNC itself before attempting to make any changes to the XML File. Thanks for the input.

73 John

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APRSISCE/32 lets the TNC configuration to the TNC when it comes to TXDelay, Persist, and such.  If you really must set them outside of the TNC, then you'll have to construct your own <OpenCmd>s and put them into the XML file as described at:

The Simply(KISS) type port supplies a single no-operation <OpenCmd> and <CloseCmd> that you can replace with whatever you want to do.

If you're advanced enough to know that you want to adjust such esoteric parameters, then I figure you're capable of editing a file to put them into proper syntax for automatic execution.

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I've looked in the history and if I've overlooked it, my apologies.

I'm using a TT4 in KISS mode and am setting up a port in Simply (KISS).

Where are the parameters for this? Is it the program that determines TXDelay, Persist and such and if so, is it in the XML file? If not, is it set within the device since it doesn't do anything when it starts up? (no open or close commands).

I ask this because I would like to adjust the TXDelay along with some other commands if this is even possible.

73 John

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