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There are several 'issues' in all this so I'll try to simplify things a bit.

Setup consists of a receiver (TM-281) feeding the AGW program and the soundcard.  I'm using both UI-View and APRS32 to display the received information, which is RF only.  This has all worked fine till the last day or two, when my friend set up his station for RF RX and TX.  (He's about 2 miles from me so doubt if his signal is exactly 'swamping' my receiver.)

One problem is that to try to 'help' my friend I've made some of the settings changes he's made to see what's going on.  I doubt if I've re-set those changes correctly so think I'll just uninstall and start over from scratch.  That brings up another question, do I need to get 'authorization' for that new install??
There were/are other issues in all this mainly with interference/antenna problems/etc.  Those are being eliminated.
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What is the callsign-SSID of the TM-V710 (I think you probably meant D710 actually?)?

Does anything else decode his transmitted signals?

Can you screen cap his signal on the waterfall and post it here?

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There are two of us having a problem.  A friend set up APRSIS for transmitting on RF and it's working.  He/we wanted to see what would happen if I set up a TM-V710 at home for APRS and to test a few things with his system.  I've had the '710 working on APRS a number of times with no problems, but tonight he couldn't get a signal from me at all.  I used from low to high power, still only a marginal signal with his setup.  Using voice we can both receive each other just fine.  But, no APRS signal from me to him.  Him to me works fine.  Even tried frequencies other than 144.390, and nothing.  He could hear the signal, using 'AGW' software and the 'waterfall' the signal was 'miss-shapped'.  It would show up in a terminal program but wasn't being sent to the APRSIS program (or UI-View either).  I think we've tried everything imaginable with no luck.  Anyone have any ideas?
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