Re: WIKI Issues

Greg Depew

Steve, I can get to the wiki no problem, but both links you gave for cloudfront will not load. Hope that helps?

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From: Steve Daniels <>
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2013 00:30:35
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Ok thanks for that. Not for me so I need a reinstall it seems
For info I am getting redirected to a site
Seems all my anti virus and malware has failed. I am currently blocked from some site due to it
Lookis like a complete reinstall to get rid of it

Steve Daniels
Amateur Radio Callsign G6UIM


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Subject: Re: [aprsisce] WIKI Issues

Works ok for me.

Derek M1ARF



From: Steve Daniels <>
Sent: Wednesday, 30 October 2013, 23:34
Subject: [aprsisce] WIKI Issues



I am experiencing issues getting on the WIKI am getting redirected to a Amazon site. Although thats not working so I just have the browser sat wating.

Not sure if I have a virus, the WIKI has a virus, or if it's due to a failed server trying to give me an advert.

This is happening on other sites as well but not all. And it's the same address that I am being redirected to

Can someone with the ability to check without possibly getting infected check things out on the WIKI.


Steve Daniels

Amateur Radio Callsign G6UIM

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