Re: KPC-3 with aprsisce problem locking into kiss mode


Thats how its set Adam,I have some other tnc's here I will try another and see if it does the same thing with them...thanks for responding. Dave


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Someone else (Jeremy can't remember the call sign) used this for the port config with a 9612.

<RFPort Name="KAM">
<OpenCmd>XFLOW ON!!0</OpenCmd>
<OpenCmd>FULLDUP OFF!!0</OpenCmd>
<OpenCmd>INT KISS!!0</OpenCmd>
<CloseCmd>TC 1!TS 1</CloseCmd>
<CloseCmd>TN 2,0!TN 2,0</CloseCmd>

I know that I managed to lock my 9612 into KISS but I don't remember how I did it.


PS Yes I know the KPC3+ is a different model, but I've found a lot of the commands to be the same/similar for programming.

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Put a new battery in your KPC-3.  It sounds like it is resetting to factory defaults every time you power it down.

Try setting some other setting (like MYCALL), turn it off, wait a bit, turn it on and see if you MYCALL has also disappeared.

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Heres the prob folks, I have a KPC-3 I am trying to set up to work with aprsisce. For some reason it wont stay locked into kiss mode. I have used pacterm to put it into kiss mode as follows..cmd intface it comes up as newuser so I cmd intface kiss then enter,it shows in kiss mode so I cmd reset.  Fire up aprsisce and the tnc works fine,but if I turn the tnc off and back on again,refire the program it will not connect. I check pacterm again and intface is in terminal mode..any ideas on how to keep it locked into kiss mode? Dave

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