GPS+NEMA using Tiny Trak 4 GKRELAY does strange and bizzare things.


I'm running APRSISCE6P on an HP iPAQ Travel Companion rx5915. I have it through Bluetooth connected to my Tiny Trak 4 which then goes to my Kenwood TM-V71A in my mobile.
This worked fine to a point: The internal GPS in the thing is deaf as a brick, Even with the unit outside of the car, it sees about 4 satellites at most and wanders about enough to make SmartBecaoning useless. So I had an idea to connect an external GPS module to port B of the TT4, and I am now using a GloabalSat BR-355-S4 (SiRF IV) to that end.

I followed the instructions that was posted here by one Rob Giuliano on how to configure the TT4 and got everything set up, fired up APRSISCE6P and this is where the fun begins:

I go to Menu>Enables>GPS and it somehow starts pulling data from the devices internal GPS radio despite Configure>Ports>NEMA not being configured and GPS/NEMA being checked on the TT4 port setup.

Disabled the "Windows mobile autoconfigure GPS" and tried it again.

Menu>Enables>GPS and nothing. It enables GPS but with blank values on all of the screens, showing 0/0 sats in view and '--' for both the speed and heading indicators.

Now from here I can go to Configure>Ports>NEMA and input absolutely anything, (250000 baud on COM9 why not?) and the program immediately starts pulling data from the TT4, locates 8 sats and acquires a fix.

The only issue with doing that is that it continually cycles the port. According to the poirt(NEMA) logs it opens COM9 at 250000 baud, announces it has heard nothing in 10000 milliseconds, announces the device has 'Lost Fix', Closes the port, Opens the port, Attains a fix it seems to have never lost (the GPS overlays keep working fine during this), and fires off a beacon over RF, only to repeat the process in about 2 seconds. Because the software attempts to beacon upon acquiring a Fix, this causes an absurd amount of RF traffic.

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