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Greg Depew

I confirm I have beacon after transmit checked on purpose, however after I make my first beacon I can no longer change my position neither with drag and tx or right click move me here.

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You will only be asked about moving ME if you're zoomed in really close.

As for the no beacon at start up, I suspect you have Configure / Beacon / After Transmit checked.  From

After Transmit - In a semi-mobile (not fixed) GPS-less installation, it may be desirable to not transmit a position beacon on initial startup until the last known position can be confirmed and possibly corrected. If this option is checked, APRSISCE/32 will not transmit a position beacon until the Transmit menu option has been manually activated. Given that the Transmit option allows the user to move "ME" to the center of the screen, this allows the actual current position to be verified and/or changed before any position beacons are sent.
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