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Greg Depew

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I have only one radio at my current residence and run my home station -1 that is my digi and qru server, and I also run -15 on the same machine which is my world feed. -13 is on a different computer and is networked to the same radio. I was trying to look at the lines on my full feed -15 neither one was showing up on a multitrack of -5 or the balloon. I did remote login on teamviewer to -5 and it did show the balloon as being heard.

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Why do you have three IGates running against (I suspect) a single agw
instance?  That's got to muddy the waters, especially since you didn't
say which station you're trying to look a the paths on.

Is what I see from here.  What Times option do you have selected? The
shot above is with Times of Long or 30 minutes.

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On 10/16/2013 6:59 PM, Greg Depew wrote:
Lynn and group, I have a question about path lines. Right now the balloon ATHER4-1 is up and is being copied directly by my rx only igate KB3KBR-5, but both the path lines in my full feed -15 do not show in either the multi tracks of the balloon or my igate nor in the main window. I have the times set to all and everything but rf only checked. Am I missing something? Thanks.
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