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Don Eklund

I have a 4 blue tooth gps and none will pair with my laptop, but other devices do.  I have also tried a Bluetooth usb adapter.



Is that a program like delorme serial emulator for a 64 bit machine. 




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Get a real serial GPS or a USB GPS with drivers that emulate a serial port, or possibly even a Bluetooth GPS which communications via the SPP protocol.  DeLorme's USB one, as you know, won't work.  However, their BT-20 will, provided your machine has Bluetooth capability.

Or just pick up a $5 Bluetooth USB adapter for your PC and add the cheapest Bluetooth GPS you can find.

Of course, you can always harp on DeLorme to come into the 21st century and update their serial port emulator driver to support the newest 64 bit Operating Systems and the constraints that Microsoft is forcing onto everyone.

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On 10/10/2013 3:23 PM, Don Eklund wrote:

Does anyone know of a way to use a usb gps with Aprsis32 on a 64 bit machine. 


Delorme serial converter will not work on a 65 bit machine. 







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