Re: Disabling GPS


Lynn, this topic just answered the question that I was going to ask about, no position Tx without GPS data.

I installed APRSISCE on my old T-Mobile MDA (HTC Wizard 200) last week, and it is cool stuff. However, this phone does not have a GPS. I have been manually putting my posit in the XML file, but noticed that my "little phone" was not making it to the 'net via the IS servers. I can still Tx and Rx messages, so there is happiness there, but I am effectively in stealth mode. This is a great solution for days like today, when I am in the office, and my position will not change. When I leave the office later this afternoon, I will turn off APRSISCE, and a few minutes later my mobile symbol will appear on the map.

Installation of APRS software, and using the WAN at work to connect to APRS-IS would be violations of agency policy where I work. I know this, since I am one of the guys that enforces these policies. So being on APRS at work with a PC is not an option.

This is a great product that allows me to keep a pulse on APRS, while still doing my job.

I agree that it would be a great feature to be able to beacon without GPS. Of course you would have to add a time interval setting.

Thanks for your efforts on this Lynn.


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