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Greg Depew

For my clubs monthly meeting I use the Eyeball symbol. Eye catching and quite visible.
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Thank you.  Maybe we can get (design) a standard "Club" symbol added to APRS so all clubs could us a standard symbol for a club event. 

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No because APRS does not send symbols, as part of the beacon it sends a couple of text characters, that tell receiving stations what symbol to use from there own stored table of symbols.
The symbols are defined, and limited so it's not likely that your club will get it's own symbol, defined. You can play with base symbols and overlays, to find something you can all agree on.
I have never found a great site for explaining what you can do with symbols but here is a start
I guess a WIKI entry is needed

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Subject: [aprsisce] Adding additional symbols

Can symbols be added to aprsisce?  I would like to add our club logo as a symbol and have it display were we are having our monthly meeting or special club events.  Thanks.

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