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Greg Isringhaus

 I am still connected to the IS, but just on receive only.  So I can either get acks back via RF or IS.  Also I am about 100% positive that I am getting an ack back because it makes it on the first attempt and then moves to the next line, but a packet never goes out.  And then the number goes 2,3,4,5,6 attempts but it is not triggering RF.

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Some APRS applications will hold onto your multiline messages until an ACK is seen for each line in turn.

If you send:

Message Line 1
Message Line 2

and APRSISCE/32 doesn't see the ACK for line 1, it will never attempt to send line 2. You can go into the queue and delete line 1, and then line 2 will go out. Or, you can uncheck the ACK checkbox, and APRSISCE/32 will send line after line without needing to see and ACK back.

When connected to the APRS-IS directly, ACKs are pretty much guaranteed, but via RF only, it can take a bit to get a successful ACK back, especially in a less that reliable network that most heavily populated areas have.

When I am working with messaging to my digipeaters via RF, I have to uncheck the ACK box to be able to work without having to delete messages manually. You don't always get ACKS gated back, but I see the response from the digipeater, so I know that I got through.

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I am having problems with sending messages via RF.  I can send someone one message at it triggers the radio and sends it just fine.  I check on and I am getting an ack.  I get a "2" for tries and seems to be like normal.  But when I try to send another message after that it seems to not go out at all.  It will show like it is trying, but it is not triggering my radio at all.  I am using AGWPE with APRSIS32.  Everything else seems fine, beacons and the such.  I have my APRS-IS configuration set to where everything is unchecked except for "Enabled" and "Xmit Enable".  I don't really want to send any packets out via the IS, RF only.  For my port to AGW I have everything checked except for "RF to IS" "IS to RF" "Me not 3rd" and "GPS/NMEA".  RF Baud is set at 1200 and Quiet Time is set to "0".  Any ideas why it would send the first packet out and seem to get an ack and not send out any others to that person?  I have tried this with two APRS callsings and same result. 


Thanks in advance.




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