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I do not see anything unusual here
you can run two instance of APRSIS32 if you want to work ISS in parallel with APRS node
You can also run multiple ports on the same instance (I randomly do that with satellite for diversity) using software modem
my network also include agwpe allowing to interconnect sw and hw over several pc, and all are also running other applications, and virtual machines inside.
So do not be surprise is aprsis32 can work in parallel with multiple other applications, I never saw any interferences, this product is very mature.

Marino Iw2ejh

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Well I am running aprsis,weather station,agwpe,uiss,orbitron, two radios both 2 meter motorolas one runs aprs and one runs packet with homemade interfaces that also forward packets from rf to internet on the same computer that is part of my home network. The network includes video and audio servers, ftp server and web server along with other equipmnt I use for my work. That is why I think it is unusual.

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