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KaroR <w5kro@...>

Well I am running aprsis,weather station,agwpe,uiss,orbitron, two radios both 2 meter motorolas one runs aprs and one runs packet with homemade interfaces that also forward packets from rf to internet on the same computer that is part of my home network. The network includes video and audio servers, ftp server and web server along with other equipmnt I use for my work. That is why I think it is unusual.

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It appears to be up and running, last beacon 5 mins ago
I'm seeing some errors on your raw packets, but I'm not the best to help with why they're showing up
Looking like maybe your time stamps aren't working properly?? maybe Lynn or someone a lot better at decoding raw packets can help more.
What makes your set up unusual?

From: w5kro@...
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2013 20:43:53 +0000
Subject: [aprsisce] Re: New User Group

I have seen the wiki the program is up and running and has been for some time now however I seemto be sending out a lot of information cab someone look at w5kro on or findu and tell me if all is OK ?

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Is there an area where new users can get help with APRSIS32. I have been using UIVIEW for about 10 years plus but have switched to APRSIS only recently. I have many questions and my setup is unusual. Thanks and 73's W5KRO

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