Re: ARISS activities and SatGate


Thank you all for the info you provided.

going back to the original question:

"Port(soundmodem):2013-06-08T19:22:45.774 AGW:AX.25[0]
IZ1JPS-14>ARISS,WIDE2-2:=4525.93N/00836.66E-CQ TEST TRX Best DXs 73 {UIV32N}"
"Port(soundmodem):2013-06-08T21:00:43.134 AGW:AX.25[0]
IZ1JPS-15>ARISS,WIDE2-2:=4525.93N/00836.66E-CQ TEST TRX Best DXs 73 {UIV32N}"

are these signal digipeated by ARISS or are they captured locally?

I'm still not sure as I was expecting to see an "*" somewhere indicating this packet has been digipeated.

and the second question is:

where, how can I see the messages that have been passed to Internet by a particular IGATE? I read the answer in this group some time ago, but I'm unable now to retrieve it.

IW2EJH Marino

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