Re: New APRSISCE For Windows Mobile Released!

Lynn Deffenbaugh


Actually, the left/right change the transparency of the map. It only looks like the detail changes as it becomes darker. As I was writing the release notes, an early tester of the left/right feature reported the left wrapping issue.

I think the delay in the +/- on the screen is Windows Mobile hesitating to see if your motion was going to be a double-click or not. With the keyboard, there's no uncertainty.

If your HTC Touch Pro has a navigation rocker thing on the face, it also works for the up/down/left/right. At least, my AT&T Tilt works that way!

Thanks for the positive (and quick!) feedback. At least I know it works for one more person than just me!

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

David Shrum wrote:

I just downloaded it and installed it and I like the new additions, no I
haven't tried it yet while mobile but I like what I see so far.

When you said the "Left/Right" arrows I was looking on the face of my HTC
Touch Pro and the screen and didn't see any of those keys, DUH, then I slid
open my keyboard and sure enough they worked. The Touch Pro hides the
keyboard when in 'normal' position.

I also noticed that the Up/Down keys affect the zoom level, nice. I find my
phone responds faster to those arrow keys than the "+" "-" buttons on the

When I kept the left arrow key pressed the map would cycle from map to just
circle and back to the map and keep cycling, but the right only increased
more detail to the map.

Dave N8PU

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Beta Testers,

I just posted the first new release of APRSISCE (for Windows Mobile) to the
Yahoo group Files section. You can find it there as:

There's lots of little stuff in there, but the big thing is...


It hooks into's servers and dynamically loads maps in the
background and displays them on your phone.

Left/Right arrows will decrease/increase the density (transparency) of the
maps in 5% increments. If you take it down to zero, the maps will disappear
and the old circle will come back.

Before copying this onto your phone, please make a copy of the version
you've been using, just in case something goes worng!

Please post feedback here to the group with comments, successes, and
(hopefully not) failures of this new version.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE

PS. Oh, it also does Overlay characters on the Icons! Even the really tiny

PPS. It also tracks (and draws) every station that moves, so expect lots of
lines if you view an active APRS area. To clear the lines, double-click the
Odometer. The first confirm is for your track (if you have any) and the
second confirm is for the other stations' tracks (if there are any).

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